Hiram Lodge No.14  A.F. &  A.M.
A Lodge in Context
Hiram Lodge No.14 is now 131 years old. As one of the oldest Lodges in BC & Yukon, we follow the Ancient (American) Rite along with 64 other Lodges.
Our Website is organized so that a visitor can understand the vastness and complexities of our Lodge over the past century and within the framework of Freemasonry in Canada.
To better understand the context for our Lodge, it helps to know the historical origins of Freemasonry in B.C and Canada. The following provides some structural information with useful dates and descriptions for many Lodges in B.C.
Our organization continues, having been affected by post-epidemic social structure impacts for everyone. Where do we see ourselves in another six months or even a few years from now?
Masonic Lodge Hall:
361 - 5th. Street. Courtenay, BC
Provincial Structure
The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon warrants 134 Lodges in 78 communities in British Columbia and the Yukon, with 6,000 members; 59 lodges use the Canadian Rite, 65 use the Ancient (American) Rite, nine use the Emulation Rite, and one uses the Australian Rite.

This is our story...

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Errors, concerns or suggestions?
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Looking Ahead
Our Lodges are changing as is our world, not just because of COVID-19, but as a result of new conditions and policies related to how people interact and come together (or not). We continue to look at ways to maintain our structure, routine and the tenets of Masonic teachings.
As we adapt to new configurations and procedures in our Provinces, it is important to maintain the things that enhance our fraternity - while avoiding divisive issues in times of uncertainty - thereby, promoting the values that can serve our future generations.

Technology has been blamed for much of our rapidly changing world - "The Good, the Bad and the Misguided”. Nonetheless, we are compelled to make use of various media tools to inform and maintain social cohesion in these times of constraint. Our (CMNS) page may be of some help. Regardless, we can contribute experience and the ability to discern what does and doesn't work- or what is and is not valid. (vmo'22)